Just north of Vancouver Island’s Port Hardy and tucked in behind Nigei Island lies our remote, unique 45-acre gem just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. It sits near the top end of the junction to Vancouver Island where the ocean current is the clearest and the marine wildlife, exceptional. Much of the wildlife that frequent our area was highlighted in a 2022 Netflix documentary titled “Sea Wolves”.

Getting to Malei Island
aerial view of malei island a private 43 acre luxury resort near the tip of vancouver island

Old Growth Forest

If only the ancient trees in our BC rainforests could talk, what stories they could tell! Experience the breathtaking majesty of these ancients by taking a hike along the Ancient Cedar Forest trail. This trail brings you into the heart of the old growth forest that encompasses most of the island. These 22-foot circumference trees tower in their splendour and are symbolic of the island’s history. Delight in the beauty that surrounds you and be enveloped in the forest’s unique aroma.

happy hiker holding out arms in front of a very large cedar tree

Malei Island Lodge

Malei Island Lodge looks out over the open ocean with panoramic views, and spectacular sunsets. Our guests can relax on the open deck and listen to the ocean waves crashing against the rocky west coast. Whales, sea otters, bald eagles and sea lions can be seen from the deck as they compete for the abundant sea life.

malei island resort lodge view from the blue ocean

Cascade Harbour

The other side of the island is serene and quiet with a view of Cascade Harbour from the dock’s hand-carved sitting area. You may catch the lonely sound of a loon, or hear the call of eagles. While on the dock you can see schools of needle fish, star fish and jelly fish in the crystal clear water.


Sunsets are beautiful anywhere but on Malei Island, they are Magnificent! In the early evening while relaxing on the large deck facing the Pacific Ocean you have a front row seat to the show the sun puts on. Beginning as a brilliant yellow ball, the sun slowly begins its descent, stretching out in hues of orange, red and yellow across the sky, finally deepening to blues and purples before it disappears from the horizon for the night.

beautiful sun setting into the sea on malei island


In its remoteness, our guests can experience the West Coast Rainforest in all its glory but without exposure to the wrath of the elements. Unlike the challengers of the “ALONE” series, you won’t be staying in homemade shelter. Instead, the comfort of an off-grid lodge will be your homebase while you explore and embrace the beauty of the BC West Coast.

Getting to Malei Island
location of malei island resort on a map top of Vancouver island


The weather at Malei Island during July and August has an average high of 18°C (64°F) and a low of 10°C (50°F). For those cooler days we provide warm weather gear. The closest weather station on the Weather Network is Wakems 6.

Weather Network, Wakems 6

wood heated salt water hot tub on malei island

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