Pebble Beach

Alongside cascade harbour lies Pebble Beach. Accessible by foot this 15-minute hike from the lodge brings you through Malei’s rainforest with ancient trees towering high above and lush vegetation on the forest floor. Cross the small, handcrafted bridge that spans a rock crevice created by the ocean waves. Guests have spent hours exploring Pebble Beach’s many little tide pools and rocky shore. A treasure map is available from our staff for your school age children to hunt for treasure on the Pebble Beach area.


Rock Beach

Just a flight of stairs down from the lodge is Rock Beach. Large outcropping rocks jut out into the ocean. Enjoy viewing the setting sun in the evening or the millions of stars that dot the sky at night. Explore the tide pools and the crevices in the rocks where small sea life hide. A beach where ocean waves lap the shore and salty spray explodes through the beach’s blow hole.

people watching soaker chasm on malei island
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Otter Point

Just a short trail through the forest is a lookout called Otter Point. Just another unique area to explore during your stay at Malei Island.

two teens all smiles at otter lookout malei island
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Flat Top

On the far north corner of the island is Flat Top. The trail is under construction but should be openning late 2023 or 2024.

four hikers standing at flat top on malei island
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A 2800-foot boardwalk constructed from 4200 8’ cedar planks stretches through Malei Island’s rainforest connecting one end of island to the other. As you stroll the boardwalk, breathe in the fresh forest air provided by the ancient growth trees towering above and the lush, rich vegetation below. Home to a variety of birds and BC’s bald eagles, this 15-minute walk through Malei Island’s forest is full of life and quiet, invigorating and subduing in its complexity.

malei islands one kilometer rainforest boardwalk

Ancient Cedar

What an amazing history this tree has. Dating back to Biblical times the cedar has been the symbol of strength. These towering, majestic trees were a lifeline to the First Nations people. Uses included shelter, cooking utensils, canoes and even cradles for their young, nothing of the cedar tree was left to waste.

happy father and suns in front of ancient cedar on malei island

Log Beach

Another area to explore on Malei Island during your stay is Log Beach. This area is home to numerous fallen trees that have been washed ashore and honed to a smooth finish by the waves.

two people having fun on log beach

Shell Beach

An area along the coastline of Malei Island is known as Shell Beach. Lining the shore to a depth of about one foot or more are thousands of shells and shell pieces that have been washed up by the ocean’s waves.

two people hunting for the perfect shell on shell beach

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