NETFLIX Island of the Sea Wolves

Sea Wolves Malei Island

Netflix’s “Island of the Sea
Wolves” 3-part series was filmed in the same geographical area as Malei Island Resort.  Not only has a sea wolf been spotted from the lodge’s kitchen window and observed along the shorelines but an abandoned sea wolf den was discovered at the base of one of the island’s large cedar trees. This wolf was swimming between two small Islands at the bottom of the Gordon Group. Between Port Hardy and Malei Island. Guessing the dinner menu looked better on the next Island.

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sea wolf off the coast of vancouver island

About Malei Island

  • Malei Island

    Malei Island

    Located near BC’s Vancouver Island, north of Port Hardy and tucked in behind Nigei Island lies our beautiful and remote Malei Island Resort. Come experience 45 acres of BC’s rainforest, abundant wildlife and off grid lodge.

  • West Coast of BC

    West Coast of BC

    The Pacific Ocean, abundant wildlife, and rainforests, BC’s west coast has something for everyone. The coastline of BC is spectacular with its beaches, rolling hills and craggy cliffs. Tide pools warmed by the sun are teeming with wildlife.

  • Cascade Harbour

    Cascade Harbour

    Coming by water taxi to Malei Island Resort you will enter the gentle Cascade Harbour with Malei Island on one side and Nigei Island on the other. King Fishers, eagles, and other wildlife make this area their home.

  • Amazing Sunsets

    Amazing Sunsets

    Many evenings during the summer months our guests have a front row seat to magnificent sunsets. Hues of bright orange, yellow and red envelop the sky then deepen into purples and blues as the sun slips into the Pacific Ocean.

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Guest Reviews

“I've been to Hawaii, Mexico, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, and many more places yet this has been my favorite trip of all time! From the salt-water hot tub (built right into the rocks) to waking up to humpback whales breaching in the harbor, this was a magical trip from beginning to end!"

Clint Nelson Canada

"Before we even reached the island by private water taxi, we had seen whales! Even though you are remote, the lodge is extremely comfortable and has everything you need. Whether you are the type of person who likes to stay close to home or more on the adventurous side, you’ll fall in love with Malei and the surroundings."

Meghan W Spain

“The natural beauty everywhere you turned was often breathtaking”

Gloria Tyler Canada

"I lost count of the amount of Humpback whales we saw just in our first day alone"

S Perkin Canada

“Amazing place with beautiful scenery and unique wildlife encounters”

Samantha Pedersen Canada

“Fantastic island, breath taking views, plethora of wildlife, and friendly staff, the sunsets are spectacular”

Daniel Pognuyey Canada

“Malei island is seriously the MOST relaxing place you can go to get away from the bustling city life”

Sophia Neumann Canada

“After many years working in the travel industry and exploring exotic destinations around the world, I discovered close to home, one of the most glorious places on earth - Malei Island.”

Kathy Walker Vancouver, BC

“What an amazing place! I was immediately struck by the beauty and silence of this incredible island. Nestled in a natural harbour, facing the open ocean to the west and north. You feel alone in the wilderness while knowing you have the safety and pleasure of an amazing lodge equipped to provide the necessities of life for city folk like us. Incredible experience!"

Jim Sclater Savary Island, BC
History Channel - Alone Series

Experience Alone

Malei Island Resort. is in the same area as The History Channel's, Alone Series. Experience what you saw on the Alone series. Wildlife, scenery and beauty, without the worry of being eaten by a bear. This image is from the Lost & Found Season 4, and was taken by drone from Malei Island Resort.

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alone lost & found view from a drone from malei island


  • Couples Room

    Couples Room

    Lots of room in our King Bed in the Couples Room on the Main Floor. Across from the main floor washroom, this bedroom has an amazing view of the ocean. A cot or crib is available for your little ones if needed.

  • Family Rooms

    Family Rooms

    Sleep 4 or 5 in the upstairs bedrooms. One room boasts a set of bunk beds and twin beds while the other has a set of bunk beds plus three twin beds. Each room has a cantilever window to bring in the fresh ocean air.

  • Lounge


    Our roomy lounge is perfect for kicking back or just curling up to read a book. The room’s wood stove supplies ample heat for those cooler days. Enjoy watching whales from the comfort of our lounge.

  • Meals


    Homestyle cooking, consists of home cooked meals, snacks, and a specialty charcuterie board for beach picnics or ask our cooks to make you a take-away lunch and enjoy it by the ocean side.

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aqua colored wave slashes up to the sky at sunset