Whale Watching Tour

Included in your vacation package is a marine wildlife boat tour. Our tours are conducted using our exclusive multi-use marine craft and guided by our knowledgeable staff. During the summer months whales make their appearance near Malei Island to feed. Guests who have taken our marine tours have had the tremendous experience of seeing these majestic mammals in their natural habitat.

humpback whale tail near malei island while on whale watching tour

Wild Life Tours

Not only have our guests encountered whales, but some have also had the exciting opportunity to watch porpoises racing alongside the boat, diving and jumping almost within arm’s reach. On a slower pace, during the tours you will see the teddy-bear- faced sea otters lazily relaxing on their backs in the kelp beds, eating, carrying their young and sleeping.

Ollie the otter chillin at malei island ollie is a west coast teddy bear sea otter

Secluded Beach

Grab some sun with Malei Island Resort’s Beach Tour complete with a gourmet packed lunch. Not far from Malei Island lies an island with a fine sandy beach just waiting for those guests who want to soak in the sun’s rays. Let all your worries go while you take in the stillness around you and the sound of waves gently lapping the sandy shore. Before you head back to the resort, staff will have an appetizing lunch laid out for your enjoyment. When booking your trip let us know you would like this tour included and we will make the arrangements.

secluded beach on vancouvers west coast

Guided Fishing

For those sports-minded guests, Malei Island Resort offers short, guided fishing tours. At certain times of the year BC’s Westcoast is brimming with a variety of salmon. Just a two-hour trip north of Malei Island is some of the best Coho fishing in the world. Book your fishing trip at the time of your reservation. Remember to purchase your BC Salmon fishing licence prior to your arrival and print it at home or the lodge’s host can print it out for you. Cleaning and packaging of the fish is done at the lodge.

Starting at $6,000

Helicopter Tours

Malei Island will be offering Heli-tours for your enjoyment at an extra cost. Book your aerial experience of BC’s coastal islands. Fly over mountain ranges, coastal areas with crashing waves, beaches, and rainforests. Catch a glimpse of whale pods, sea lions and porpoises in their natural habitat. These tours are extra and may only be booked a minimum of three months prior to your arrival. As summer is a very busy time for the helicopter industry tours are subject to availability.

$6000 for a maximum of 3 people
$8000 for a maximum of 5 people

red helicopter on malei islands pad near vancouver island

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