Discover Malei Island’s beauty while hiking along our trails. There are trails that lead you to the island’s Ancient Cedar trees. Investigate the abandoned Sea Wolf den located at the base of an old cedar. Through the rainforest and over a handcrafted bridge the Pebble Beach Trail brings you out to a large area that runs along Cascade Harbour known as Pebble Beach. Get a great view of the majestic Pacific Ocean from Otter Point or climb along the numerous driftwood that have washed up on Log Beach. All over Malei Island are trails and wonderfully unique beaches to explore.

family stop for a photo on the log bridge on the hike to pebble beach

Tide Pools

Some of the clearest water in North America is around Malei Island. Seawater from the ocean tides fill rocky hollows along Malei’s shoreline creating Tide Pools. Although these little pools can range in depth from only a few inches to a couple of feet they are brimming with life. Sea Stars, Mussels, Snails, Clams, Sea Urchins and Barnacles are just a few of the sea creatures that can be found living in these tiny bodies of water.

orange and purple starfish in a tide pool


Kayaks and life jackets are available for our guests to use. Paddle along Cascade Harbour between Malei and Nigei Islands or cross over to Nigei to explore its shores. Pack a few essentials before heading out such as sunscreen, lip balm and snacks enclosed in waterproof bags.

Inflatable Boats

Dinghies are on site for our guests to enjoy. Well designed, these sturdy boats can hold three adults comfortably plus some supplies. Enjoy exploring Cascade Harbour and Nigei Island with friends and family. Remember to pack a few essentials before sailing off on your adventure.

three happy girls in a inflatable boat in cascade harbour near malei island resort


If you enjoy taking photographs you find many opportunities at Malei Island. Take a photo of a teddy bear sea otter, waves crashing on the rugged west coast, star fish in tide pools or spectacular ocean sunsets.

clear jelly fish reflected in the sky


Looking to just put your feet up and relax, getting away from the fast-paced life of work, school and family? Visiting Malei Island is like stepping into another world where nothing is required of you except to enjoy your surroundings and relax. Let your everyday concerns fade into the background. Stroll the unique beaches, hike the trails, or revisit childhood on the handmade swing. Take one of the wildlife tours or spend the day at one of the sandy beaches in the area. Or… just grab that book you’ve been trying to read, find a spot to curl up and let the world slide by for awhile

senior relaxing on wood swing at malei island

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