Off Grid Living

Malei Island Resort is in a remote area with open ocean. The lodge has its own running water, septic and electricity, using the latest in off grid living solutions.

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Off Grid Living

Unlike living in the city with access to all the water and electricity you need, off grid living is being at the mercy of nature.

Water is supplied solely through the collection of rainwater in 1600-gallon bladders which is then purified, heated by propane, and pumped through the lodge.

Rather than turning up the thermostat to warm up those cooler days, the lodge is kept toasty warm using the wood-burning stove in the living area.

Solar energy keeps the lights on and the power running. During the summer months enough energy for the day’s needs are collected through solar panels and supplemented when needed with an onsite generator.

No grocery stores on the island. Food and supplies are transported to the island on a weekly basis by water-taxi.

Internet access is provided through a satellite positioned above Mount Waddington and is available for use in the evening.

Emergency services are provided by the Coast Guard either by boat or helicopter if needed. Medical supplies are on hand in the lodge and fire extinguishers are installed around the island.

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